The smartest Energy Management System!

An energy management system (EMS) can be a good solution for optimizing energy consumption and saving money.

The SolarGatewayPRO is the smartest Energy Management System on the market. The SolarGatewayPRO is completely brand-independent and has the ability to connect 250 different devices to an EMS. This control happens entirely automatically based on the available power and set preferences. External factors, such as energy buying and selling, are also used to optimize the system and make more effective decisions.

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The benefits of the SolarGateway

  • Saving costs
  • Optimizing energy consumption
  • Maximizing the use of generated solar energy
  • Preventing grid overload
  • New business opportunities
  • Environmentally friendly operations
  • Everything in one environment
  • Plug & play

The SolarGateway enables brand-independent control of solar energy, charging stations, heat pumps, battery storage systems and other energy consumers and/or generators.

The SolarGateway makes it possible to connect up to 250 energy consumers in one system in a Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) in order to make optimal use of the generated (solar-)energy. This happens entirely automatically based on available power and set preferences. Thanks to the modular construction, it is possible to easily expand in order to be ready for the future.

The SolarGateway can connect with all consumers via Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU. When there is no Modbus present, the SolarGateway can switch on and off the device with an external contact.

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For who is the SolarGateway suitable?

The SolarGateway is suitable for anyone who wants to use the energy they generate as efficiently as possible.

SolarGateway applications range from residential homes with heat pumps and solar panels to industrial bulk consumers and farms generating a lot of surplus energy. Thanks to its versatility, the SolarGateway can be used in every conceivable situation.

For every situation a SolarGateway!

The SolarGatewayPRO is specifically developed for large industrial connections and/or complex rules. The SolarGatewayPRO is completely brand independent and can connect up to 250 different devices to an Energy Management System. Thanks to its versatility, the SolarGatewayPRO can be used in every conceivable situation.

The SolarGatewayHOME is specifically developed for the residential market and small businesses (SMEs). It is a simplified version of the PRO, enabling basic control functionalities. The SolarGatewayHOME is entirely brand-independent and can connect up to 8 different devices to a Home EMS.

Why the SolarGateway?

To optimise energy consumption in a building and save money, an Energy Management System (EMS) can be a worthwhile option.

The SolarGateway is the smartest Energy Management System on the market. The SolarGateway is completely brand independent and can connect up to 250 different devices to an EMS. This control is completely automated based on the available power and set preferences. In addition, external factors such as energy trading are
used to optimise the system and make more effective decisions.

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  • Inverter controlDynamic reduction of inverters and peak shaving
  • Charging station controlSmart control of charging stations
  • HeatpumpOptimize energy consumption heatpump
  • Battery managementControlling and managing battery systems
  • Energy purchasingTrading in energy prices
  • Weather forecastsUse of weather predictions to optimize system
  • Grid CongestionOptimal use of generated energy without feeding it back into the grid
  • And many more possibilitiesConsider safety in combination with our updated arc fault detection.

Simple energy management through the online portal.

Through an advanced online portal, the installation can be configured and monitored from anywhere in the world. This makes the system entirely plug and play, allowing end-users to accurately track consumption and yields and enabling installers to remotely manage their systems.

In addition to the standard functionalities, the SolarGateway also offers custom solutions. This includes collaborations with grid operators or the control of specific (heavy) appliances and machines. The possibilities are endless.


The settings can either be done via the SolarGatewayPRO or via the online portal, called HUB.

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The SolarGatewayPRO can connect with all consumers via Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU. When there is no Modbus present, the SolarGatewayPRO can switch on and off the device with an external contact.

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The SolarGatewayPRO can control any consumer directly as long as a Modbus protocol is available. If modbus is not available, the SolarGatewayPRO can switch the device on or off with an external contact.

Yes, there are standard pre-programmed templates available. If you need more complex control systems, our engineers can also provide that service. Please contact us for further assistance.

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No, the SolarGatewayPRO does not require an internet connection to function. However, an internet connection is necessary to change settings via HUB, gain insight into the collected data, receive OTA updates, and for remote support.

The SolarGatewayPRO is suitable for anyone who wants to use their generated energy as efficiently as possible. Whether it's a residential home with a heat pump, solar panels, and an electric vehicle charging station, an office with solar panels and multiple charging stations, a factory with several large energy consumers, or a farm looking to use excess energy to heat their water for later use. The SolarGatewayPRO can also be used to limit consumption or generation in an installation if the connection capacity is not sufficient. It is also highly suitable for providing insight into energy consumption.

In fact, the SolarGatewayPRO is almost plug-and-play. Connect the inverters of your PV installation, your charging stations, kWh meters, and any other devices to be controlled to the SolarGatewayPRO, and then you can set up all the controls yourself through the simple templates via HUB.

The SolarGatewayPRO is a Dutch product from Embion BV. This means that everything is produced in the Netherlands and all data is stored within the EU.

Any (DC) installer can install the SolarGatewayPRO.

Depending on the complexity of the control, communication type, and the activated licenses, this can go up to about 250 devices. In many cases, more devices are also possible; please contact us for further information.

The SolarGatewayPRO is brand-independent. If your brand is not listed, please contact us. 

Supported EV chargers

The SolarGatewayPRO is brand-independent. If your brand is not listed, please contact us. 

Supported meters

The data collected by the SolarGatewayPRO is stored on a server within Europe over a secure connection. Regular updates are rolled out to keep up with the latest security standards. You always have the option to store the data only locally on your SolarGatewayPRO.

By default, no external individuals have access to the data. The owner can decide who may potentially have access. Data* in the HUB can be used for analysis and optimization. *Note: Non-sensitive data, such as plant data, can have customer details and names detached for privacy.

Modbus is a communication protocol that can be established over both TCP/IP and a dedicated connection. Because manufacturers release certain features of their devices, the SolarGatewaypro can connect to the device via the standardized Modbus protocol.


The control happens entirely automatically based on the available power and set preferences. External factors, such as energy buying and selling, are also used to optimize the system and make more effective decisions.

Even in the case of network congestion, the SolarGatewayPRO is an ideal solution. The inverter(s) can be dynamically reduced to limit or minimize the feed-in to the grid when more energy is generated than consumed. This way, energy supply and demand will be better aligned.

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